The Wolverine Spoilers: Logan's purpose is Japan briefly discussed along with why he has bone claws in a recent image

Fox / Marvel

The Wolverine's time line in the X-Men movie universe is set and if you don't want to know more about some recent and new information about Logan's next solo movie, stop reading now because this is your SPOILER ALERT.

Recently an image was released with Wolverine having bone claws and this is being said to be part of a flashback sequence when Logan was a prisoner of war (check out his military-style pants in the photo), even though the film is set after all previous X-Men movies.

Director James Mangold also talked to Empire Magazine about Logan's time in Japan.

"The cultural qualities that Japan and its people bring - honour, a sense of duty, of conflict - really fit beautifully around Logan. Our film find Logan at a point where he's very much a ronin - a samurai without a master. Anyone he ever had a connection to is either dead or gone."

Sounds like Wolverine is going to be portrayed as a "lost soul" in his next movie which could lead into some great scenes where a Fox executive has said that Wolverine "will be a true berserker, bad ass..." in the film.

Let's hope so.

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