Iron Man 3 gets a quick re-write to help connect it better into Marvel's Phase 2

Sourced from Toronto Iron Man's Facebook page
By Daniel Wolf 

Now that Robert Downey Jr. and the Iron Man Mark XLVII suit are on set of Iron Man 3, its time for Marvel Studios to finish shooting this sequel and start post-production for its May 2013 release. But not so fast.

In an email sent to The Daily SuperHero from one of our contacts, Iron Man 3 is going through some quick re-writes in its third act of its story. It was also said that Iron Man 3's story kind of took on a life of its own and was seen (by Marvel executives) as being more of a stand-alone movie instead of being a part of Marvel's Phase 2. Hence the quick re-write.

The basis of the story is more or less intact but it needed a little more connection to the next group of Marvel movies to better tie itself into the larger story arc of the ensemble cast sequel of The Avengers 2. There is nothing to worry about since our source also said you'd be surprised at how many movies go through this process and you never hear about it.

In other words, life goes on for Tony Stark and Iron Man despite needing a few tweaks.

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