Marvel Executive Nearly Confirms the Iron Man 3 Teaser Trailer Could be Out With Wreck-It Ralph

Photo by Daniel Wolf
By Daniel Wolf

A couple of days ago Marvel Studios screened the brand new teaser trailer for Iron Man 3 at a special showing of The Avengers, in England, to help promote the movie release on September 25.

When we heard this, here at The Daily SuperHero, contacted our one Hollywood insider. He said he heard that the teaser might be revealed in front of Disney's Wreck-It Ralph—which hit theaters on November 2.

Marvel co-president Louis D'Esposito offered up a bit of information that makes it seem our source is correct.

“I [don't?] have the exact's just not ready," D'Esposito said to "But I think it is mid to late October, you can watch a first teaser trailer.”

With no other Disney movies opening up in mid- or late-October, you gotta figure Wreck-It Ralph is seriously being targeted for the release of the teaser of Tony Stark's third big screen adventure.

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