Is This Old Man Logan in The Wolverine Movie? Showing a Time Travel Tease in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

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There has been a photo circulating around the Internet of actor Hugh Jackman on the set of his next mutant superhero film, The Wolverine. This photo has generated many questions among fans.

Here is our theory.

We here at The Daily SuperHero think that this is Jackman as Old Man Logan, which is a character set 50 years into the future in Marvel's comic universe. Now remember, Wolverine's aging process is extremely decelerated due to his mutant ability to regenerate so he won't look much older, even 50 years in the future.

But the real point here is the fact this image could be some kind of tie-in with the  X-Men Origins: First Class sequel, now called X-Men: Days of Future Past. This sequel is going to take time travel into consideration in its plot and in a manner to create one cohesive continuity for all X-Men films that have been released so far.

Since time travel will be taking place in some capacity in the X-Men sequel, the there is no doubt in our mind that this is Old Man Logan. It could legitimately be a post-credit scenes (a la Marvel Studios' movies) which sets up the next X-Men film and teases the start of a unified continuity in the X-Men cinematic universe too.

This is only our theory, but a dang good one, unless this below image is really a homeless, down-on-his-luck Logan in The Wolverine movie.

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