The Wolverine News: Hugh Jackman is Still Grateful to be Logan

Fox / Marvel
By Daniel Wolf

The Wolverine begins to shoot next week and the actor who portrays one of Marvel's most iconic characters is still grateful of his role as Wolverine.

"I still love the character," Jackman said to, in Australia. "I had no choice at the time—I was going to take anything that came along—but I happen to have walked into probably the most interesting and complex of the superhero characters."

Never forget Jackman was not the actor who was set to be Wolverine back when director Bryan Singer first cast his X-Men film, for a 2000 release. It was Dougray Scott, who had scheduling conflicts with X-Men and his current film at the time, Mission Impossible 2. Because of this Scott had to relinquish the role of Wolverine. 

Could anyone even imagine Wolverine being someone other than Jackman at this point?

It's great to hear from an actor who truly loves a character and continues to come back to play the role over and over again. Most times in Hollywood an actor will sign up for like three movies and then the character gets re-cast as someone else. Not with Wolverine, at least not yet.

Playing Wolverine was Jackman's breakout into mainstream America and he has embraced it as Wolverine through four movies, one fantastic cameo in X-Men Origins: First Class and The Wolverine is set to be his fifth film playing the man who is the best at what he does.

Stay tuned to The Daily SuperHero as more news and information about The Wolverine is surely going to be made available or "leaked" as shooting starts on next summer's movie.