Incredible Hulk Sequel Doesn't Appear to be in Marvel Studios' Future, Per Mark Ruffalo
By Daniel Wolf

To many who have seen The Avengers, Dr. Bruce Banner and the Hulk were some of the best parts of the film. After one failed attempt at a solo movie and a second shot at recovering the character from the damage done in the first film, the Incredible Hulk definitely had his redemption in the ensemble movie.

But it doesn't seem the Green Goliath will get another chance to shine in another solo movie per actor Mark Ruffalo, in a recent interview with MTV News.

“I think they’ve done it. I think they feel that they’ve done that,” Ruffalo said at the Toronto Film Festival. “I think they don’t really know where to go [with the character].”

This is kind of funny since Marvel has been going back and forth saying there won't be a Hulk sequel and then saying there will be and now Ruffalo saying there won't be again.

Unfortunately, there is some logic about not having another Hulk movie since he is a much better supporting character than a lead character. Take for instance the fact another Hulk movie would have to follow Dr. Bruce Banner more so than the Hulk because Banner is more of the driving force in a plot while Hulk is all the action.  Marvel Studios might not be able to put together another Banner-leading movie since he is not really on the run anymore and he is under S.H.I.E.L.D surveillance and protection.

So do moviegoers really want to see Banner in a lab performing experiments for nearly two hours? In our opinion, not likely. Everyone wants more Hulk and he is best when there are tons of bad guys to smash. That's why he is much better as a supporting character.

At least Marvel should have had Banner and Stark working together in Iron Man 3. Or at least a cameo.

Life goes on though while we wait to see the Hulk smash again in The Avengers 2.

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