Marvel Studios Should Release Daredevil Under Marvel Knights Banner After Learning Lessons with Punisher: War Zone

Marvel Studios wins and 20th Century Fox loses when the Daredevil movie license reverts back to Marvel in October (or maybe sooner since there have been various reports as to when this actually happens).

Across many websites, there are debates on what Marvel Studios should do with Daredevil once he is back home and under their cinematic universe umbrella. Some say he should be integrated into Phase 3 after The Avengers 2 comes out. Others say he should be made into a television show that Joss Whedon is going to help create. Then there are a select few who think he should get his own solo movie that is in the same cinematic universe as Marvel's other films but does not cross-over due to the darker and mature nature of the character.

This brings us to our point. Daredevil should be in the same universe as the rest of Marvel's movies but not cross-over into it. Maybe subtle references should be made about the happenings of The Avengers is the best approach in a Daredevil movie but Marvel Studios should consider releasing Daredevil under its Marvel Knights banner, just like they did with Punisher: War Zone.

Now Punisher: War Zone was not a success and it is Marvel's only movie flop—having a budget of approximately $35 million and only making just over $10 million worldwide. It was actually a big flop but even Marvel needs to have a hiccup and they made with this movie, which was released in 2008, right when they started getting into the movie making business. So maybe Punisher should be chalked up to trial and error.

Daredevil could be different. Daredevil should be different. Especially if Marvel learned their lesson with the last Punisher flick.

The Marvel Knights banner is for Marvel's more mature stories and titles in their comic book universe and it only makes sense to have Daredevil be their next attempt under this banner. Also, it might be the only way to have Disney buy-in to having an R-rated superhero movie made.

There are many fans of Hornhead who only want him in a dark, mature and R-rated movie if he is going to be portrayed correctly on the big screen again. And only time will tell what happens with Daredevil but until then, it's all speculation.

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