Is Daredevil Too Mature For Disney?

The hottest news in the comic book movie world is how 20th Century Fox is in a time crunch with their Daredevil license and it looks like The Man Without Fear will be coming back home to Marvel and Disney.

The question is, is this a good thing or a bad thing for the property?

First things first, any Marvel property returning home is a good thing after the company licensed out many of its main characters in the 1990s. But since Marvel was bought by Disney, there is a definitive line drawn in the sand when it comes to Disney's brand.

When Walt Disney created his company it was not to provide audiences with mature or R-rated content. It was to create a fantasy world which both children and adults could enjoy. Daredevil represents the antithesis of this concept, especially since he has the word 'devil' in his name.

Disney is known for appealing to as broad of an audience as possible and they have even referred to Thor as the "Prince of Thunder" instead of the "God of Thunder" to respect many religious beliefs.  But Daredevil represents a whole different level since you cannot change his name.

This brings us to the point which is that Disney may not allow an R-rated Daredevil film by Marvel Studios since that would not cover a wide audience of viewers. If Disney allows Marvel Studios to create a Daredevil movie, odds are it would have to be PG-13 at all costs, which many fans of Hornhead would say does not give the character his time to shine in a true, gritty manner.

Arguments about this could be made for days but Disney is the boss and what Disney wants, Disney gets being that they are the biggest entertainment company on the planet.

Perhaps they will let an R-rated Daredevil movie to be made but it's too bad Disney shut down Miramax since that would be the perfect studio to assist with a dark, more mature take on Daredevil. Only time will tell what is in store with this property.

Let it get back home first, then let Marvel and Disney hash it out and hopefully we will all see a true Daredevil movie so many still desire to see in the near future.

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