Cleveland and Cincinnati Reportedly to Host Some of SUPERMAN: LEGACY Filming

New reports are hitting the Internet this morning regarding writer/director James Gunn's SUPERMAN: LEGACY and it filming in Ohio.

This report is coming from the Twitter account DC Film News, who appears to be the first to report it about filming in Cleveland. Editor Note: This news was in fact first reported by Midwest Movie Maker and you can read that post by clicking right here.

Also, the website for the Ohio Department of Development has reported that $11 million is filming tax credits will be going to a movie project called "Genesis" for filming not only in Cleveland, but also in Cincinnati. It is believed that this codename is in fact for SUPERMAN: LEGACY

Cleveland is known as the birthplace of Superman as its creators met at Glenville high school, so Gunn bringing his movie to the city totally makes sense. And don't forget that Cincinnati is well known to have the Union Terminal which is the basis of the look for the Justice League's headquarters (lead image above).

Based on these reports, it seems SUPERMAN: LEGACY could begin filming in Ohio as soon as next month, although nothing has been confirmed by Gunn or Warner Bros. Discovery at the time this was posted.

SUPERMAN: LEGACY releases in theaters on July 11, 2025.