Disney to Finally Release Streaming Shows on Blu Ray Including LOKI, WANDAVISION, and THE MANDAORIAN

In a move that many thought might never happen, Disney is finally releasing some of their most popular Disney+ streaming series on Blu Ray starting next month. 

This information comes via Variety who writes how season one and two of THE MANDAORIAN, season one of LOKI, and WANDAVISION are all coming to store shelves starting on September 26.

Variety reports:

"The first season of 'Loki' will become available on Sept. 26, 'WandaVision' on Nov. 28 and the first two seasons of 'The Mandalorian' on Dec. 12. The physical releases will come with both a Collector’s Edition 4K UHD and Blu-ray disc, encased in luxe Steelbook packaging with collectible concept art cards and brand new box art designed by artist Attila Szzarka.

"The physical editions will also feature never-before-seen special features. 'Loki' is the only title whose special features have been announced, which includes 'Designing the TVA' with production designer Kasra Farahani and Tom Hiddleston (and contains a look at Season 2); the Miss Minutes TVA orientation video; deleted scenes; a gag reel; and the 'Assembled' documentary."

A very interesting development as Disney has exclusively had these highly popular series only available on their streaming platform to draw in subscribers. But with the financial tough times the media giant has currently been experiencing, as well as the ongoing writers and actors strikes making it impossible to put anything new into development or production for 2024, it makes perfect sense to try and increase revenue by beginning to release their popular streaming shows to physical media. 

The floodgates are opening for exclusive streaming shows on Disney+ to release on physical media so look for more sooner than later as the strikes continue to halt everything in Hollywood.