Sony Removes SPIDER-MAN: BEYOND THE SPIDER-VERSE From Spring 2024 Release Date Due to Ongoing Hollywood Strikes

This is such a bummer bit of news, but no surprise seeing as how both Hollywood writers and actors are currently striking and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for it to end any time soon. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony has removed SPIDER-MAN: BEYOND THE SPIDER-VERSE from its spring 2024 theatrical release citing it is due to the strikes. No new date has been set for it either. Also being reported is how KRAVEN: THE HUNTER is being pushed back and VENOM 3 now has a release date THR writes: 

"The dominos started falling Friday as Sony made a number of changes to its theatrical calendar amid the actors and writers strikes, including taking Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse off its spring 2024 date.

"The studio also shifted its release plans for August racing pic Gran Turismo as it scrambles to figure out another way to market the movie without stars such as Orlando Bloom and David Harbour promoting it. It will now open wide on Aug. 25, with sneak previews on its original weekend date of Aug. 11, as well as on the weekend of Aug. 18. Further out, the studio relocated Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven the Hunter from October. It also dated two big films for the first time: Bad Boys 4 (June 14, 2024) and Venom 3 (July 12, 2024)."

It is unfortunate that BEYOND THE SPIDER-VERSE has not been rescheduled. But with all the pressure on the studio to nail the landing of this trilogy after the huge successes the first two films it does make sense to give the threequel as much time as possible to be the best closure for the trilogy.