The Force Geeks Podcast: Talking Baby Yoda, Star Wars: Underworld, New Hasbro Black Series, and More

Here's the latest episode of The Force Geeks podcast talking all-things Star Wars...

"In the 25th episode of the Force Geeks: A Star Wars Podcast, Nate, Jake and Founder Daniel Wolf talk discuss the Disney Gallery series for The Mandalorian on the subject of the magic behind Baby Yoda. Also Gina Carano chimes in on the topic and you'll hear from her. And talented Sci-Fi writer and producer Ronald D. Moore (known for co-creating the beloved Battlestar Galactica reboot series, as well as writing and producing for multiple Star Trek series that includes The Next Generation) talks about what could have been from the nearly 50 episodes written of George Lucas' live action Star Wars: Underworld TV series before Disney bought up Lucasfilm. And bad news for the upcoming High Republic publishing initiative. It's been delayed to 2021. Also, the new games in development, including VR, and new collectible toys that are expected to create a stir. Hear it all in this latest episode of The Force Geeks!"