Talking Star Wars News and (Too Many) Rumors on The Force Geeks Podcast

There was some legit news and way too many rumors to discuss in the latest episode of The Force Geeks podcast... plus more!

"In the 24th episode of the Force Geeks: A Star Wars Podcast, Nate, Jake and Founder Daniel Wolf talk about how Mark Hamill declared he's officially done playing the character Luke Skywalker forever (we hope he changes his mind though). And the Geeks break down the addition of Timothy Olyphant joining the cast for season 2 of The Mandalorian. Olyphant is best known for his roles as the gun-slinging U.S. Marshall from Justified and as a lawman in the foul-mouthed town of Deadwood, as well as recently on The Santa Clarita Diet. The Geeks also shade some of those "leaks" from disreputable outlets making wild and unsubstantiated claims that every character from Rebels is definitely in the next season of the Mando. And we're also examining the behind the scenes Disney Gallery series for The Mandalorian, such as Gina Carano's admiration for Carl Weathers as a superstar and how Weather's character was supposed to be an alien and not make it past Chapter 3 of the first season. Hear it all in this latest episode of The Force Geeks! *Audio issues hit us again. The quality is not to our usual standards, but hope you don't notice. Thanks for your understanding. Also, we had a few F-bombs this episode. It's not throughout, but a few times."