SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 19 Review: Immortal Combat

So Lex has finally scored an invite to see Leviathan’s headquarters aka their ship. Lex is eager to take out Supergirl but Rama Khan doesn’t trust him and uses rings that Lex gave them (from the Fortress) to infuse them with Kryptonite. 

Lex tells Brainy about the security measure set up and the one pin they gave him. Lex refuses to give Brainy the pin to upload the morality code until Rama Khan kills Supergirl and her friends. Kinda the time to act now, dude. 

In Kara’s apartment, the others arrive to help figure out a way to stop Leviathan. Lena offers to actually be of help and make Kara an anti-Kryptonite suit but if Kara uses her powers to get her to her lab, Rama Khan could sense it. To give them a chance, J’onn and M'gann shapeshifter into Supergirl. Before they leave, Alex shows Kara a suit that J’onn made for her so she can be a vigilante in secret. Although it’s a worse disguise than taking on and off glasses so suspend your disbelief. 

Things seem to be going according to okay. Except, they find out there are three element benders including Rama Khan. J’onn and Dreamer are attacked by two of them and M’gann and Alex are attacked by the others. After Dreamer has a dream and drops a shield, J’onn is injured. They make it out safely though. 

Kara and Lena make it to the labs but it’s going to take hours for the suit to be finished. Alex meets them and there she gets a call from Kelly about how William has disappeared. Kara is upset to be out of the game but Alex implores her to stay where it’s safe until it’s time. 

Brainy is having some issues deciding what to do. He has a conversation with girl Brainy. She tells him the obvious answer: don’t let your friends die. He decides to bottle all of Leviathan in stasis even though entering the ship without the pin will kill him. 

Lex, Gemma, and Andrea have decided to go through with the Unity Festival and the others watch as they promote it online. Lena tries to get Kara to forgive her but Kara is over it. She makes it clear that she’s there to help them but that Kara isn’t there to forgive her. At that moment, they find Eve’s location where she’s holding William. Despite William trying to help her, Eve gets a shot off before Supergirl and Lena stop her. Lena gets William and Eve out as the Leviathan members arrive. Kara is taking quite a beating until the Anti-Kryptonite suit arrives along with Dreamer and M’gann. It seems that they get turn to dust when Supergirl has them with a sonic boom but they quickly reassemble themselves leaving the team to get the heck out of there. 

Supergirl and her team decide to focus on stopping Lex. Supergirl speaks to Eve and she tells her that Gemma is waiting for all 4 million to go into the Obsidian VR and kill them. Kelly and Alex join the team as they realize that they can’t shut down the program and they have to convince people to leave it. 

Brainy breaks into the Leviathan’s headquarters but before he could get into the ship, the element benders come back and he has to hide. 

The team decides that they should lure the element benders away from Supergirl. When J’onn lures Rama Khan and the others out, Brainy gets into the ship. The radiation from the security measures quickly take over and Brainy struggles to hold down the button to upload them into stasis. J’onn, Dreamer, Alex, and M’gann work on holding off the element benders at an abandoned construction site. 

At the same time, Supergirl gets into the festival through a backdoor that should protect her from the kill switch and allow her time to convince them all to leave the VR. 

Lex and Gemma realize that Supergirl is at the Unity Event. Gemma sends Andrea to find Supergirl while she is vulnerable in the real world and kill her under the threat of her company going under and her father being killed. Lena is with Supergirl and convinces Andrea to stand down before she goes down a dark path. Supergirl manages to convince everyone to leave the simulation while Brainy sucks the element benders into stasis and Gemma is seemingly electrocuted. Lex finds Brainy at the ship and takes the element benders in stasis and plans to go after Supergirl himself. His first pit stop is to mommy Lillian, who he gives the element benders. 

Dreamer has a dream and realizes what Brainy has done. Gemma doesn’t seem to be dead but her humanoid flesh is gone and she seems to be a very angry android. After Lena actually came through, Kara decided to accept her apology and agree to take down Lex together. Alas, that is the end for now. Due to the pandemic, they were unable to film the final episodes for this season of Supergirl but we shall see what happened next season, next year.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer