SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 18 Review: The Missing Link

Despite his careful plans, Brainy quickly realizes that Lex was behind the sun eater attack. Lex implores him to use logic and continue to believe they have the same intentions in bringing down Leviathan even if Supergirl and her friends get caught in the middle. 

Supergirl, Dreamer, Alex and M’gann are preparing for another strike against Leviathan after the sun eater was captured and their plans were foiled. Kara is suspicious of Lena since she arrived at the fortress the same time the morae did but they focus on what they know: finding Rama Khan. 

Alex and Kara meet with a patient of Kelly’s, Pete Andrews, played by the fantasy king himself Sean Aston. He’s a linguist and they hope they can use him to help find Rama Khan with the symbols they found associated with him. When William calls about a possible update for Margot, Kara goes with him where they find out she wore an image inducer when she filmed the video they found. 

Dreamer finds a clue in her dreams to where they can find Rama Khan. She, J’onn, and M’gann go to the Oregon Geological Monitoring Station. William is left to see who Margot was talking to at Obsidian while Supergirl comes to their aid. They stop Rama Khan from creating an earthquake. They find his staff makes him stronger but Brainy shows up and takes him into his custody. Supergirl and Dreamer follow them to make sure they can question him but Brainy refuses to let them in the room. Someone seems to be making this a little bit personal. 

Pete and Alex continue their search after they’ve hit a roadblock. They try to sneak into the special collections room but they are shot at by an unknown assailant. After he finds out his home is being watched, Pete goes in hiding. 

At Obsidian, Andrea is trying to launch a VR Unity event worldwide despite Kelly telling her that it’s reckless and people could still get stuck inside the VR. William goes to Kelly for assistance and they find out the employee that Margot was in contact with was Eve. They bring this to Andrea who refuses to hear them out but that’s not going to stop them. Sounds like we’re one step closer to them knowing the truth about Lex. 

Brainy’s interrogation of Rama Khan goes sideways. Brainy tried to get him to take him to their ship but Rama escapes his chains. Brainy orders an evacuation and Rama Khan gains back his staff and takes all of the kryptonite in the building. This weakens Supergirl and he brings down the DEO. J’onn and M’Gann help get them out as the building comes crashing down. Kinda seems like Brainy shouldn’t go rogue anymore. Kara and Dreamer are more than upset with Brainy. Dreamer questions him about what he was doing but he refuses to answer. He’s officially ostracized from the team. 

While the team has been dealing with bigger provlems, Lena and Lex are dealing with an issue with her plans. One of the prisoners that she has been experimenting Non Nocere on had a glitch and became violent. Steve, one of her original patients, tells her about how he became suddenly violent when the elevator stopped. She’s unable to find out why but determines it was a one time incident. However, as she tries to fix it in the one inmate, the other inmates revert back to their fear and anger and start a riot. 

She attempts to fix this by resetting the Q-Waves. This knocks out all the inmates but it makes Steve feel scared like he used to. This makes her realize that pain is a part of human life and she shouldn’t have tried to fix it. Lex tells her that they need to work together to be a “savior” to humanity. Lena realizes that this was always what he wanted: power. He berates her for not being by his side after he put aside his goals for her. Lena leaves him after finally realizing he’s a monster and unchangeable. Only took her all season but she finally got there. 

The super team meets at the tower. They’re unable to track Rama Khan and Leviathan now has Kryptonite and a lot of it. This makes Supergirl weak and unable to attack. They’ll need time before they regroup. Everything is going to plan for Lex. He gets to meet with the whole of Leviathan after helping Rama Khan get into the DEO. Oh and he blows up the prison when he leaves. Why? Who knows he’s crazy. Lex meets Brainy and he reveals that he knew exactly what he would do and that with the Kryptonite and the item he stole from the fortress that he gave to Leviathan gets him access to the ship. 

William tries to play private detective and follows Eve but gets taken instead. Oh William. He’s just a beginner. Ending this episode, Lena goes to Kara and apologizes to her. She admits that Lex is working with Leviathan using Lena’s work and Obsidian. Kara obviously has a hard time trusting her but let’s her stay. Not exactly a warming hug but it’s a start. 

With only one episode left, there’s definitely not going to be enough time to wrap up all of the little threads but with a new season already renewed, hopefully we’ll have some closure to Leviathan and Lex and Obsidian.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer