Talking Star Wars: The High Republic, Clone Wars, and More on The Force Geeks Podcast

Here's my latest guest spot on The Force Geeks: A Star Wars Podcast talking about the newest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the new publishing initiative Star Wars: The High Republic, and more...

In the 14th episode of the Force Geeks: A Star Wars Podcast, Nate, Jake, and Founder Daniel Wolf break down The Clone Wars Season 7, Episode 2 "A Distant Echo" in a spoiler special (you've been warned if you haven't seen it yet). And we are getting news about Lucasfilm's 'Project Luminous,' a new publishing initiative that will introduce a new era of storytelling for Star Wars during the High Republic, some 200 years before the Clone Wars took place. Also, the new The Rise of Skywalker movie novelization reveals what many of us already suspected... Palpatine was a clone. It also reveals what Ben Solo told Rey after he died. Plus Daniel talks about all the hot toys revealed at the New York Toy Fair, which include Baby Yoda of course. Hear it all in this latest episode of The Force Geeks!