SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Back From the Future, Part 1

The Crisis has just added more and more villains to Supergirl’s earth. We start by seeing Brainy deliberately causes an accident to a bus carrying prisoners. As the bus overturns, Winn Schott from another Earth climbs out and Brainy and him escape. This is on the instructions of Lex Luthor who encourages this alternate Winn to embrace his genius and chaos instead of being arrested. He points him into the direction to the Toy Convention. That’s going to get messy. His messed up childhood is very similar to the Winn we know and love except, he admired the Toyman. 

Meanwhile, Lena has been waiting for Lex to help her with Non Nocere and adjusting the Q-Waves to this Earth’s frequency. Brainy and Lex convince her Leviathan is the greatest threat right now and she should talk to Andrea. She agrees when he promises no one will be harmed. Harmed. Not hurt. 

At the Toy Con, Kara, and William are there to interview Lex but William pressures him and asks wuartions about his possible connection to the murder of his friend. Before they can get answers, Evil Winn aka new Toyman attempts to kill a man named Chester Dunholtz. Before he can, the Winn we know and love comes and saves him before he can shoot him. Unfortunately, the Toyman escapes. That would’ve been too easy. 

Winn explains that in the future, he now has a wife and kid and that Time Cops came to his door accusing him of killing Chester. Now, if Evil Winn kills someone, Winn will be put in jail. Brainy works on identifying a man who was lurking near Chester and the others focus on locating the Toyman. 

Lena and Andrea reconnect when Lena tells her that she knows that she only took her mother’s medallion because Leviathan forced her. Andrea is relieved that she’s forgiven her but when she reveals that Leviathan has never asked her for anything or contacted her, Lena tells her to call her if they do. 

Kara and Alex bring Winn to J’onn’s office. They discover he’s made a separate room (The Tower) they can use since Lex can’t be trusted. Winn is stunned by the information J’onn gives him about everything that happened before and during the Crisis. 

At the DEO, Brainy can clearly see that the stranger near Chester is him. Brainy tells Lex where to find the Legion ship so he can access information on Leviathan with the DNA he got from Toyman but tells him to call off Toyman but Lex can’t control him. Typical Luthor behavior. During this, the Toyman makes an announcement that as soon as his video and profile reaches a million followers, he’ll do something extreme. Kara is called into Catco by Andrea and she’s told to get an exclusive with Toyman since his video went viral. On any earth, Andrea lacks a lot of tact. 

At the Tower, they bring Nia in to see if she can use her powers to dream something. Nia is put off by Brainy and dreams of him turning into a wildcat and attacking her. Winn gives her a pep talk and she tries again. Winn realizes that Toyman might go one of his father’s old hideouts. At the hideout, they find a circled picture of the Rojas’. They determine he must be going to a university where Andrea will be speaking. They arrive at the event just as the Toyman attacks Andrea. Supergirl saves her but the toyman releases giant toy wildcats on them and the crowd. The team helps to fend them off as Winn runs down Toyman. He tries to convince Toyman to stand down but he sets off a bomb. Supergirl rushes to get everyone out of there as the university blows up. Winn is disappointed he couldn’t help but he’s no longer wanted in the future. 

Kara goes to see William next who reveals he followed Lex to a government facility where the Legion ship was being held. He doesn’t realize he was there to get information on Leviathan, only that he paid off guards. This just makes Kara more suspicious of Lex and agrees to help William so she can be close and protect him. 

Winn can tell that Brainy is being burdened by something so Brainy reveals his secret of how he is helping Lex. Winn is initially upset that Brainy used him to help Lex but he understands his choice. He agrees that he won’t tell others what is going on. 

Having Winn back fits seamlessly into the plot. It feels like he hadn’t left but we definitely seen how he’s majored since he’s left and become a real hero. 

Lex and Lena are certainly concerning. Lena has no trouble using Andrea as long as she gets what she wants. Lex almost certainly has more motives other than destroying Leviathan and that may come to life very soon with him getting Lena Q-Waves and having the Legion cube which tells them everything they need to know about Leviathan. 

This is definitely not the end we’ve seen of the Toyman. As the guards are locking up the evidence of him, we see a computer powering on with a video of him. We’ll definitely be seeing him in the future.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer