VIDEO: Watch the first half of Disney World's STAR WARS: RISE OF THE RESISTANCE Ride

Two weeks ago, I was on vacation at Disney World and got to ride the brand new Star Wars ride, RISE OF THE RESISTANCE. Located within Disney's Hollywood Studios, you go through either TOY STORY LAND or past STAR TOURS to enter Galaxy's Edge.

In order to get a boarding pass for the ride that day, I had to wake up really early and get to Hollywood Studios before it opened at 7am. Once my Magicband was scanned to enter the park, I waited inside the gates for 7am to hit. When the clock struck, you have your Disney Parks App already opened to the page to attain the boarding pass for RISE OF THE RESISTANCE. The button on the app went active and you follow the prompts and wait for your boarding pass number. I was number 69 on one day and number 82 on another which meant I got a notification on my phone from the app telling me when it was time to enter the ride's line queue. You have a two hour window to get scanned and in line, so plan accordingly when you are there. I rode it each day around 1pm and 2:30pm, respectively.

Now here comes a standard issue SPOILER ALERT if you don't want to know how the first half of the ride goes down.

Upon entering the line, there is a lot of weaving through the Resistance base walking past tactical screens, a weapon cache, pilots suits, and finally led into a room where BB-8 appears, as well as Rey. You're being recruited into the Resistance and a door suddenly opens where you walk outside (for real outside, not Disney magic outside) and enter a space transport.

Once in the transport, you experience a simulation of flying off the planet piloted by Resistance pilots along with X-Wing escorts. Then, TIE Fighters show up as well as First Order ships and your transport is caught in a tractor beam. You witness the transport going into the hangar bay and when the doors open (the same doors you entered onto the transport) a First Order office steps onto your transport and tells everyone they are to be interrogated.

Walking out of the transport you see you are now in a giant hangar of a First Order ship with a Stormtrooper legion standing guard as well as a TIE Fighter docked on the wall. The First Order officers lead you down a hallway; these Disney Cast Members are all stern and definitely in-character.

At this point you are just about halfway through the ride experience, seriously.

I took a video from when I entered the room with BB-8 and Rey until the end of my explanation above and you can watch that in the video embed below...

If you want to know the last half of the ride, you'll just have to go and experience it for yourself.

Hands down the best amusement park ride experience I have ever had.