The final episode of the DC crossover event starts with things seemingly going back to normal. Kara wakes up in my apartment on her earth. Her sister and friends seem to have no idea about the crisis. She meets Nia at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and everything seems normal until Lex Luthor is awarded the prize. Suffice to say, things are not very normal. 

At the DEO, which is not apparently under Luthercorp, no one remembers what happened except for J’onn. On this earth, the Luthor’s are big supporters of Supergirl and apparently well liked. During her apprehension of a metahuman, Supergirl runs into The Flash. 

Apparently, in this new alternate dimension, Supergirl and The Flash work together often and with the help of the Green Arrow and the legends. When the universe was restored, all of the earths were pulled into one. J’onn manages to track down their friends and restore their memories, but Sara learns that Oliver is still dead. We’ll see how long that lasts. 

In Central City, Caitlin is tending to Nash aka Pariah when J’onn comes by to give her and Nash the memories of all that has happened. Barry and Kara go to Star City where they find everyone is there except Oliver. But because things were going too well, they find that the city is being attacked by a giant stuffed animal named Beebo (from Legends of Tomorrow). After Sara touches base with the legends, she learns that Mick is in town for a book signing (at which he’s the author). He meets up with the others to help take down Beebo but they’re unsuccessful. They determine he is a distaction. On the other side of town,Sargon the Sorcerer is stealing from the bank. When Sara and the flash take him down, Beebo goes down too. That was wrapped up rather nicely. 

Nash shows up at the bunker in Star City to warn Digg about readings of antimatter. Across town, Sara and Barry are attacked by the shadow demons. Realizing they’re attacking paragons, they save Ryan before he’s killed by one. They assemble at the bunker. With the realization that the anti-monitor must still be alive, they plan to create a chain reaction to cause the anti-monitor to shrink indefinitely into the “microverse”. Kinda like Ant-Man. Ryan, Ray, and Nash work on that while the other heroes fight off the shadow demons in Star City but also at Star Labs. 

That’s good because the anti-monitor shows up and after a rousing “I’m going to defeat you” speech, he grows the size of a towering skyscraper. With the Flash’s help, they rush the creation of the micro bomb and Supergirl throws it straight at his chest. The anti-monitor shrinks into oblivion. That wasn’t that hard considering what they’ve been dealing with. 

With the anti-monitor finally defeated, the team mourns the loss of Oliver as the president makes a public announcement celebrating his bravery. As we see each character’s, some changes that have happened are that Dig finally has both of his children (Sara and John Jr) and it turns out Clark and Lois have two sons instead of one. 

Superman, Supergirl, J’onn, Jefferson (aka Black Lightning), Barry, Sara, and Kate all say their goodbyes to Oliver by having a private ceremony for him. Barry also reveals that he has created a place for them to gather when the world is inevitably in trouble again and shows them a table with a place for each of the superheroes and apparently an escaped monkey named Gleek. Hmmm... good Easter Egg for comic book fans. 

Although it felt like this Crossover could’ve been finished in three or four episodes, the last episode was one of the bests. It also opens up a lot of opportunities or DCTV. With all of the Earths combined to create Earth-Prime, it leaves numerous possibilities for crossover with not just CW shows but also DC Universe shows (as shown with clips in the episode). Until the next crossover…

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer