SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Tremors

Supergirl spars with J’onn to get her mind off of Leviathan and their next plans. After Lena was “attacked” she’s worried about her friends getting caught in the crossfire. While they’re sparring, J’onn has another psychic attack. He can’t tell what it is but believes it stems from guilt over sending malefic to the phantom zone again. 

Meanwhile, Lena is tempting fate. The old woman from Leviathan comes to her penthouse to demand the medallion which she refuses to give up. The woman even tries to shoot her but Lena was expecting her and is protected. When she leaves, Lena speaks with Hope about how Lex believed Supergirl took every weapon used against him and hid it in a fortress. She believes that she can find something there to disperse her new technology. 

The old lady, Margot, goes to a secret house where she is reprimanded by a man named Rama Khan. He is angry she failed her simple mission. He reveals they’ve been safeguarding earth since their spaceship wiped out the dinosaurs and humans started their destructive habits. 

Lena doesn’t cancel the L-Corp press release in the park and Rama Khan comes for her and the medallion. Lena jumps off the cliff in time for Supergirl to catch her. Supergirl is stunned by Rama Khan’s ability to manipulate and turn into stone. She gets Lena out of there safely. At the DEO, Brainy quickly ascertains that Rama Khan is an alien who has been on earth for thousands of years and he has been responsible for dozens of natural disasters. With no idea how to stop him, Lena and Kara go to the Fortress of Solitude to find the weapons Superman hid away. Of course, this is exactly what Lena wants. 

Brainy and Lena get a location on Rip Roar at the docks. They nearly walk right into a trap when a bomb goes off. They’re alive, but Alex has gotten hurt and Brainy takes her back to the DEO where Kelly treats her for a mild concussion. 

J’onn goes into his Martian meditation thing and reaches out to his father for advice. His father tells him that Malefic isn’t in the phantom zone but across town. He tells him Malefic is a prisoner and he should rescue him. However, he does say he may die in his attempt to save him and My’rnn can’t tell him who is holding him. Excellent half-ass advice there. 

Rama Khan is an argument with another member of Leviathan who insists he let her use her technology to locate Lena and take back the medallion. However, Rama Khan quickly realizes that if he can’t sense them anywhere on earth, they must be somewhere that’s of earth. 

At the Fortress of Solitude, Lena sure is playing up the role of best friend. She subtly makes Kara feel guilty about not telling her while also praising her abilities. They find out that Rama Khan is from a nearly extinct alien species and that there are weapons created by Lex in the Fortress. Lena pretends to send a message to Brainy through the Fortress. Lena eyes Myriad, which Kara’s aunt used to control humans, for her project. She also finds a sonic canon that she believes can be used to disable Rama Khan. 

Brainy has some odd brain glitch because of the explosion and puts together the pieces of what they know about Leviathan and realizes their headquarters are in National City. With Alex, they go to an abandoned house. They contact Supergirl but Rama Khan has just shown up. Rama Khan is a worthy adversary but he soon realizes because the Fortress of Solitude is Kryptonian and not of earth, he can’t manipulate its properties. Kara and Lena, using the canon, are able to freeze him and he crumbles to dust. 

Lena tries to leave but Kara sees her with Myriad. Unabashedly, Lena fully admits to using Kara because she wanted her to feel what it was like when she kept the truth from her. Lena even goes so far as to blame Kara for Lena killing her brother because she wanted to protect her friends. Kara is, understandably, upset and heartbroken. Lena re-programed the Fortress to attack Kara so she can escape with Myriad. Truly heartbreaking. 

Brainy and Alex are in the old house, but due to some protective measures by one of the Leviathan members, they are unable to go any further. J’onn has found his brother Malefic and after revealing his mind and memory to him, although Malefic could’ve killed him, his brother finds he is earnest in his guilt. They embrace as Malefic breaks down into tears. 

Alex has the worst luck with relationships. Kelly nearly breaks up with her because she can’t handle her dangerous lifestyle after losing her fiance. Their relationship feels very fragile and it won’t last very long. It feels like she can’t catch a break. 

After the events of this episode, I can’t see Lena and Kara ever getting back to where they were. Kara may have lied to her but Lena has been manipulating her for weeks and pretending to be her friend, which is much crueler. Lena has constantly told herself and others that she is not the villain which is definitely the opposite of what her actions have shown. Now that Malefic has forgiven J’onn, they’ll learn what Lena plans to do and it’ll be the entire DEO against her. In the end, I think it’ll eventually come down to a Luthor wanting to destroy a Kryptonian, once again.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer