SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 4 Review: In Plain Sight

With Kelly and James in hiding, the super team lays a trap for Malefic. With J’onn posing as Kelly, he gets Malefic out in the open. With Brainy, Alex and Supergirl they try to take him prisoner but he incepts a nearby DEO agent who shoots at Alex. Malefic phases through the phantom zone projector and escapes.Alex is upset that they missed their chance and wants to bring up the Verdex Blaster, which is used to kill Martians. The others think she’s being too hasty. Kara suggests she calls Lena to help Brainy fine-tune the phantom blasters and psychic inhibitors. With Brainy being all lovesick over Nia, they’ll need someone cold and calculating. 

Lena is all over that since she wants to capture Malefic and see how he uses mind control so they can figure out the frequency of the Q-Waves needed to implement her own plans. J’onn is being used as a test dummy as Brainy figures out how to fix the phantom blaster. Lena’s help goes unheard as Brainy is determined to figure it out himself. Alex decides to prep the Verdex Blaster. J’onn isn’t keen on this idea but lets her prep it in hopes they won’t have to use it. 

Nia calls Kara with news about William. She learns that the wife he claims he has, is a lie and he uses a stock photo. She also followed him and saw someone passed him a newspaper with an address in Mexico City to meet an Elena Torres. Supergirl flies there to see what’s going on but when she gets to the address, Elena has died in a car accident. She sees William getting in the car with some shady guy. Yeah very suspicious. With Nia’s help, they learn that Elena was an accountant for Obsidian Worldwide. Nia looks at the license plate that Kara got and it brings up the man he was with who is known to work with gangs. 

Kara goes to Elena’s apartment but someone comes in. The woman thinks she is Elena and throws her out the window. Supergirl comes in and they fight. The woman has the power to manipulate the air and nearly takes Supergirl’s oxygen from her but she knocks her out. Supergirl tells Alex she’s bringing her in. However, one of the guards has their likeness taken over by Malefic. Alex is too late to do anything as he incepts her. Unaware of this, Supergirl drops off the prisoner and leaves again. It feels like they should know better by now but okay. 

Lena makes Brainy let her help him so J’onn isn’t weakened. When he leaves the room, she attaches something to the blaster. 

With Nia at Catco, Kara shares the news she got from the Mexico City morgue. It turns out the body they pulled from the wreck wasn’t Elena’s, has been dead for two weeks and died for natural causes. Nia shares the numbers that they found in Elena’s apartment was an offshore bank account. 

James and Kelly travel to Calvintown to stay at their Aunt Vi’s house. However, when they get to the house, they see a bunch of kids running out of the house. They don’t seem to be thieves but seem to have been trying to do schoolwork. While in town, they run into one of the kids from the house, Simon Kirby. They can tell he’s homeless so James invites him over for dinner. At the house, Simon tells them his mother went to prison for 30 years for stealing a space heater. He tells James all about how the system is corrupted so the prison stays full and everyone involved stays rich. James goes to the Calvintown Gazette to see his old mentor, Nelson. Nelson basically says that they call out what the prison is doing, the employees at the Gazette are jobless. James sets up a meeting for Simon with a lawyer, but he is upset he isn’t going to stay in town. They don’t have long to talk as Kelly sees a vision of Alex in trouble and they leave to help the team. 

Malefic, still pretending to be Alex, confronts J’onn and calls him a monster for locking up his brother and erasing the memory of his brother from his mind and his father’s mind. J’onn is devastated that Alex won’t listen to him. Supergirl comes by and sees J’onn upset. He tells her the truth and she’s much more forgiving. After figuring out Nia couldn’t have told her, they realize that Alex is incepted by Malefic. 

Realizing that Malefic and Alex took all of the anti-martian weapons and the Verdex Blaster, J’onn psychically links with Alex’s mind to find them. This weakens him significantly because her mind is incepted with Malefic’s. But he does get a message from Malefic to meet him at the planetarium. At the planetarium (where they’re showing an anti-Maritan Manhunter propaganda video) Alex attacks J’onn with the Blaster but he speaks to his brother and tells him giving back J’onn’s memories of Malefic gave them a second chance. He gets the psychic inhibitor into Alex’s ear. 

Malefic, angered by his new love and acceptance policy, incepts the audience in the planetarium to shoot at them with the stolen weapons. Supergirl arrives and pulls up a shield to protect them. Unfortunately, Alex also has a bomb strapped to her. Talk about overkill. James and Kelly pop up as well. Supergirl and James grab the weapons. J’onn phases Alex out of the bomb and Supergirl covers the bomb while it detonates. At the last minute, Kelly sees Malefic posing as a human and J’onn grabs the phantom blaster before he can and sends him to the phantom zone. Guess Malefic is not really ready for forgiveness. 

Alex tells J’onn that she would never have said those things to him if Malefic didn’t incept her. She assures him that she knows who he really is. Kara meets with Lena to tell her how much she appreciated her help and Lena brushes it off. She declines an invitation to get drinks with the others. On her way out of the lab, she steals something else from the microscope. Brainy and Nia make up as well. But who knows how long that is going to last. They’re so hot and cold. 

James has an important announcement. After spending time in Calvintown he decided he’s going to move back and purchase the gazette so he can report on what is going on there. It is, of course, a tearful goodbye but they’re all supportive. 

The next day, Nia gets an update that her friend unencrypted the account and it is located in National City. Supergirl flies to the address. She sees a board that links Dr. Jarrod and Elena all to Andrea. She changes into her Kara identity before William walks in. He tells her that believes that the Rojas family is engaging in some really bad crimes and he’s been trying to get close to Andrea to see what is truly going on. Kara is wary of his explanation but gives him the benefit of the doubt. William’s story is finally getting off the ground. It’ll be interesting to see if he’ll accept Kara’s help or try to do it solo. 

James’ exit was clearly coming and this is pretty fitting but it’s not exactly a new chapter for him is it? It’s very noble for him to go back to his old town and try to clean it up, but it feels like he is just doing what is comfortable for him and not challenging himself. He even goes back to being called Jimmy. Jimmy. Alas, a simple ending to James Olsen’s story. 

Lena is playing with fire. She managed to send Malefic to her own lab so she can use him as a lab rat. This is bound to backfire on her. Who knows if she’ll get her not-so-evil evil plan off the ground before she needs Supergirl to help her contain Malefic.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer