SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Blurred Lines

The episode opens with the newbie, William. William follows this random Jarrod guy to a club, who looks a lot like the man in the pictures with Andrea that he was looking ag. He’s attempting to get him to work with him, but he blows him off. Jarrod’s good time is quickly ruined when this alien woman whose tattoo of a spider because of a real one and lodged itself in his chest. Not a great night for him. 

Kara, Alex, Kelly, and James get coffee. They discuss Malefic, James’ brother, still being on the loose and how he could still be after Kelly. Neither Kelly nor James are concerned about it and they leave for a meeting. Kara discusses her concerns about hanging out with Lena since she found out her identity but Alex isn’t concerned. 

Lena is having trouble manipulating the Q waves the way she wanted them to. Being able to access Eve’s memories, Hope tells her that Lex was working with Q waves as well and that he had three journals that were confiscated and put under lock and key in Fort Summit. Lena knows it’s impossible for her, but not Supergirl. 

At the Catco meeting, a fellow reporter is pitching a story about deaths. They come across Jarrod’s death, who was a scientist that Kara met during research for an article. William tries and succeeds at making Andrea realize there’s no story there despite Kara’s protests. Kara hears William’s heartbeat racing and knows there’s more to the story. James, wanting to stay busy, decides to help out. 

Still oblivious to Lena’s true feelings about her alter ego, Kara brings treats from Europe for her lunch with Lena although Lena tells her it’s unnecessary. Lena masterfully manipulates Kara into getting her Lex’s journals on the basis of them being able to help heal her trauma. That’s a new low. 

Cutting their lunch short, Kara meets James at the morgue. The cause of death is a heart attack but when she x-rays his chest, she sees something that looks like a tattoo of a spider on his heart. While doing research at home, Kara tells Alex what she promised Lena and Alex is stunned. As they’re talking, Kara catches video of the nightclub Brainy sent her and sees William there and the girl with the tattoos. Alex recognizes the tattoos. She brings her to the DEO to confirm the alien, an Aurafacian, that needs a host body. 

The DEO tracks down the alien and Supergirl and Guardian go after her. She escapes but not before hitting James with the spider that gets into his helmet. She gets them back to the DEO and they extract the spider before it kills James. The DEO tracks down the Aurafacian to who its next target is, a doctor at the hospital. Supergirl gets there in time to save him from the spider about to imbed itself in is skin. Alex extracts the alien from the host body, but before she can interrogate the person, some type of shadow sweeps up from nowhere and stabs her. That’s really spooky. 

J’onn asks Nia to help him restore his lost memories with her powers. From what he can understand from his memories, Malefic couldn’t connect to the Green Martian’s hive minds but could hurt the other Martians. Their father tried to protect him by locking him up in the Phantom Zone but the White Martians managed to get him on their side. In anguish, J’onn’s father wiped their memories. His family issues honestly never stop. Soon after, Nia has a dream about what else happened on Mars. She shows J’onn how remorseful his father was and that J’onn, afraid for his father’s sanity, erased both of their memories. He makes her promise not to tell anybody. 

Malefic got into Kelly’s apartment and shapeshifted into somebody in one of her pictures. He comes by her office and she recognizes him as Pete Andrews. He gets her to take time to talk to her. It turns out that he’s a veteran so Malefic uses his past to get prey on Kelly’s compassion to get him into Obsidian North. 

Malefic gets hooked into the machine in Obsidian North and is concerned when she tells him that his memories will be visible to her. However, she learns too late who it is. When she turned on the device, it seemed to have returned the power that was taken from him. He throws Kelly across the room. Nia, miles away, has some kind of psychic link to him now and gets J’onn. J’onn arrives before he makes Kelly kill herself. When Malefic tries to escape, Kelly can see some kind of light aura around him. He creates a distraction and gets out of the building. 

So, the superfriends are definitely in a jam. Kelly is now the number one target for Malefic since she can tell when he shapeshifts. This prompts James and Kelly to say hidden with a transmitter portal watch that Kara gives him in case of emergencies. On top of that, J’onn refuses to tell them the truth of Maelefic’s need for revenge. 

Poor J’onn’s got a lot on his plate. I think from past experience he should know that shutting his friends out is not the way. I’m interested to see how this whole brother thing will play out in either forgiveness or death. It’ll be interesting to see if his secret with Nia brings them closer especially since her relationship with Brainy is on the edge due to his need to go overboard in their relationship. 

Lena has definitely gone too far. She fully manipulated her friend to pursue the use of mind control and is still convinced that everything she’s doing is right. I have a feeling that this time she isn’t coming back from the edge and will go full Luthor on Supergirl in the end. 

William is a strange one. He meets with a stranger in the middle of the park and seems to want to get out of whatever hole he dug himself in, but he’s only given money in an envelope. I have a feeling he has something to do with Eve and the Leviathan group which is strangely quiet but soon to makes it’s intentions known to our heroes.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer