Watch: Deleted Nick Fury IRON MAN Post-Credits Scene Included Mentions of Spiders and Mutants

Remember when Nick Fury showed up in the post-credits of IRON MAN talking about the Avengers Initiative? Of course you do because it set the path toward THE AVENGERS and the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe we know of today.

During Fury's scene in 2008's IRON MAN, there was some dialogue that was cut of him talking about spider bites and mutants. Obviously, this version couldn't make it into the final cut of the film since Sony owns the live action rights to Spider-Man and, at the time, Fox owned the rights to all-things mutant and X-Men.

Now, with a gigantic boxset for the complete Infinity Saga story arc coming soon for home release, Marvel Studios head Kevin Fiege has officially revealed this previously unknown IRON MAN deleted scene...

I wonder what other cool deleted scenes we never ever knew about will make it into this new boxset.