Video: First Time Walking into Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland

Since I was in Anaheim for Disney's D23 Expo 2019 last weekend, I took a few extra days after the Expo to go to Disneyland and visit the new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge park. It is such a beautiful park, although it still needs some work on the immersive-ness of it. This has been a big Disney selling point since its announcement two years ago and there were a few signs of it happening, but I did expect a bit more throughout.

At one point during my visit, I was sitting and drinking in the cantina, where you only have 45 minutes and a two drink maximum to hang out in there. So when time was up, I asked one of the servers what happens if I don't leave and said, "Will Stormtroopers come in and take me out of here?"

An honest question as I wanted to try and test the immersive nature of the new park.

Sadly, no Stormtroopers came and the server said it doesn't work like that.

Total bummer. I really wanted to be taken out of the cantina cuffed by Stormtroopers.

Despite that disappointment, here is a video I shot of my first entrance into Galaxy's Edge and I was honestly at the brink of tears once I saw the Millennium Falcon, as you can here a "Wow!" in there with some real emotion behind it.

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder & Publisher