Sony Statement Puts Blame on Disney For Spider-Man Fallout But it Takes Two Sides to Negotiate

As of right now in this moment in time, Tom Holland's Spider-Man may not ever be seen in Marvel Studios' cinematic universe again. This comes after the Disney-owned studio helped Sony save face with their struggling Spider-Man movie franchise after both THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN movies failed to connect with the audience and critics. That failure caused Sony to knock on Marvel Studios' front door and ask for help, which Marvel Studios happily welcomed because Spidey is one of the most popular superheroes ever.

Two feature films and three other Spider-Man appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe later and Spidey (and Sony) achieved his first $1 billion worldwide blockbuster hit with this summer's SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME. Now, Sony, who owns the movie rights for all-things Spider-Man, may be moving on without Marvel Studios and its head producer Kevin Feige.

The fallout has been massive as fans have attacked Sony for being idiots. Sony has control and final say over everything Spider-Man, yet in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter they put the blame on Disney / Marvel Studios for this fallout. Here is Sony's statement:

“Much of today’s news about Spider-Man has mischaracterized recent discussions about Kevin Feige’s involvement in the franchise. We are disappointed, but respect Disney’s decision not to have him continue as a lead producer of our next live action Spider-Man film.

“We hope this might change in the future, but understand that the many new responsibilities that Disney has given him – including all their newly added Marvel properties – do not allow time for him to work on IP they do not own. Kevin is terrific and we are grateful for his help and guidance and appreciate the path he has helped put us on, which we will continue.”

Disney wanted more of the profit pie as they put in all the creative work and production needed to make Spider-Man relevant once again for Sony. Sony was paying the bills for the movie, marketing the film, as well as distributing it. Sure, Disney got a five-percent cut of the final profits, as well as own all merchandising rights for Spider-Man, but Sony wasn't doing much work at all when it came to creatively making Spidey what he has now become with Holland in the lead role... that was all Marvel Studios' creative team's doing so it makes sense they want more of a cut. However, Disney reportedly asked for a 50/50 co-financing split and Sony balked at that offer allegeldy not even bringing a counter-offer to the table. 

So both sides do have some blame here. You can see Disney wants more for all the work their Marvel Studios team has put into making these Spidey films. But Sony is also to blame for not negotiating and allegedly hanging up the phone on Disney without a counter. Disney may not have really wanted a 50/50 split in the end and it was just a starting point for negotiating a new deal with Sony. 

Now reports claim Sony and Disney might be still negotiating. Maybe this is due to the massive fallout of all this news, but it's hard to not point the finger directly at Sony because they are the key holders owning the movie rights to the character. If Sony doesn't want a new deal with Marvel Studios and its parent company then say it, and don't start pointing a finger at the other side when it takes both sides to make a new deal happen. Without all the hard creative work Marvel Studios put into making Spider-Man relevant again, Sony might still have problems with Peter Parker on the big screen. 

Fingers crossed this all get resolved with a new deal between the two studios because if there's anyone who deserves all of this to be handled and resolved it is the fans... and of course Tom Holland, who loves Spider-Man just as much as all the fans do.