Warner Bros. Looks to Bring on Yet Another Creative Team For THE FLASH

THE FLASH is happening with actor Ezra Miller... at some point.


Yet here we are again talking about how Warner Bros. is bringing on yet another writer and director for the speedster's super hero movie. This is like the fourth or fifth time this film project has now changed hands.

Most recently, Miller and comics writer Grant Morrison took a stab and its script and that has been junked. Before that it was John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein who were attached to write and direct and walked away on good terms due to creative differences.

So Warner Bros. is now in talks with the new creative team of, according to The Hollywood Reporter, writer Christina Hodson (BUMBLEBEE, BIRDS OF PREY) and director Andy Muschietti (IT, IT: CHAPTER 2).

Again, Miller is still attached to reprise his role with a renewed hope this will begin filming prep in early 2020.

Release date is to be determined at this point.