Quicksilver Does His Same Speed Thing Again in this DARK PHOENIX Clip

Can we now say that the whole Quicksilver doing things at his speed while everyone else in the scene is in slo-mo is not as cool as it was the very first time it was done in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?

And let's not get into the fact that when Quicksilver was first introduced in Days of Future Past it was in the 70s and now in DARK PHOENIX he hasn't aged, as well as the rest of the cast, but it takes place in the 90s. (UGH, thank the Movie Gods that Marvel Studios is taking over the X-Men franchise after this mess of a timeline and retread of a story by writer/director Simon Kinberg, who is obviously a man obsessed with the comic book arc as this is his second time attempting it in a movie.)

Anyway, here's the latest clip from DARK PHOENIX...

DARK PHOENIX releases in theate... ... um, does anyone really care about this movie at this point? No offense to the cast, who were under contract, but this film's box office performance (or lack thereof) will be very interesting to watch when it releases in a couple weeks.

Full disclosure: I don't care about this movie, but you should have figured that out by now.