Next BATMAN Actor Choice is Caught in the Middle of Conflicting Reports by Hollywood News Outlets

Over the past several days, there have been conflicting reports about which actor will next play Bruce Wayne / Batman in writer and director Matt Reeves' THE BATMAN movie. One Hollywood trade source claims actor Robert Pattinson (TWILIGHT franchise) has won the role, while another film industry trade source claims the "vetting system" process still taking place and it is down to two: Pattison or actor Nicholas Hoult (X-MEN franchise). There's also a report stating actors Armie Hammer (THE SOCIAL NETWORK) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (KISS-ASS) are still in the running.

We did not report this news immediately to see how this would play out over the past two days, and play out it has not as reports seem to be in a stalemate as of this moment of this post being published.

The Internet did in fact turn vicious since these reports hit, specifically for many fans' distaste of Pattinson — who they've collectively now labeled as 'Battinson' — taking up the cape and cowl. And of course there's an online petition to prevent the casting of Pattison in the role.

Regardless of your feelings for one actor or the other, this is no different than Batman fandom questioning the selection of actor Michael Keaton in Tim Burton's Batman movies, or actor Heath Ledger as the Joker in Christopher Nolan's film, or even actor Ben Affleck in the role during the Zack Snyder era of DC superhero movies.

So here we all are waiting for Warner Bros. to make an official announcement. When reputable Hollywood trade news outlets are so conflicting in their stories, all we can do is wait for the studio to issue a final confirmation.