Marvel's WHAT IF? Animated Series Planned For Disney+ Streaming Service With a Focus on the MCU

If you're a reader of Marvel Comics, you're familiar with their long-running 'What If?' comic book series. The concept is simple as each issue looks at moments throughout Marvel's comic book history and puts a 'what if?' spin on a different outcome.

According to SlashFilm, Marvel Studios will be bringing an animated version of the WHAT IF? series to the Disney+ streaming network. SlashFilm writes:

"We have exclusively learned that Marvel Studios will be producing a new television series for the Disney+ streaming service based on the popular What If comic book series. The new animated show will be overseen by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, but the stories will not be canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe....

"Like the comics, this animated anthology series will provide stories that explore how the Marvel Cinematic Universe might have unfolded if key moments in its history had not occurred as they did in recognized canon. For example, one of the episodes will adapt What If? Vol.1 #47, which explored the idea of 'What if Loki had found the hammer of Thor?'

"The idea is that they could potentially have some of the main actors from the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe movies reprise their roles in the animated series, which would imagine alternate possibilities from another dimension. The time commitment for voice acting is a whole lot less than for live-action productions, which could accommodate some of the biggest Marvel talent. The series would function as an anthology, just like the comic book series, with each episode tackling a different premise."

This is a such a wonderful idea.