Wrap Party: Favorite Moments in 2018 Superhero Movies

With 2018 rapidly coming to a close it is time to look back at the past year. Welcome to the second annual DailySuperHero.com wrap party!

The past two years we would post a 'best of moments' and a 'worst of moments' but there is already too much negativity online so, instead, we wanted to focus on our favorite moments in superhero movies in 2018:


Fans have wanted, and waited, for the return of Red Skull since he was last seen being whisked away by the Tesseract at the end of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. Actor Hugo Weaving has gone on record several times saying he wants nothing to do with Marvel Studios and the role anymore, so the studio went out at brought on actor Ross Marquand for Infinity War. Marquand is known for his great impressions and he was more than a perfect fit as the Red Skull. Hopefully, he will return to the role of Red Skull in the near future.

Thor, Rocket, and Groot Arrive in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

The arrival of Thor, Rocket, and Groot in Wakanda to save the day against the Black Order and their army might be the best moment in any Marvel Studios film to-date... especially since all they do is kick ass immediately after.

Casino Battle in BLACK PANTHER

The whole casino scene felt like a James Bond movie, which was the filmmakers' intention. The suspense, the action, and of course that wig toss are all a joy to watch!

X-Force Parachutes into Action in DEADPOOL 2

Perhaps one of the funniest moments in any superhero movie is Deadpool's X-Force teams' first action sequence as they jump out of a plane and immediately parachute to their deaths. Only Deadpool and Domino make is out alive, although Deadpool had to watch most of his teammates' deaths first-hand.

Arthur Rides a Seahorse in AQUAMAN

Yes, Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry rides a seahorse at one point in the movie and it is glorious.

Miles Morales Gets the Spotlight in SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE

Miles is a newer Marvel Comics character, having been introduced in 2011, and in the time since his first appearance he was gathered a large fanbase so it was only a matter of time until he would get the spotlight in a theatrical movie. Even though this was an animated movie and not a live action movie, it was a nearly perfect arrival to mainstream audiences for him, as well as other Spider-characters like Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, and the other Spider-Verse heroes. The future is bright for Sony Animation's expanding animated Spider-Verse as a sequel is being planned along with potential spin-offs, too.