Sony Reportedly Ready to Give Spider-Man Villain KRAVEN THE HUNTER His Own Solo Movie

Sony Pictures still owns the franchise rights to all-things Spider-Man even though they've made a deal with Marvel Studios to bring Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So they can really do whatever they want to with all those characters not named Peter Parker.

This is why Sony is trying to build their own Spidey-less Marvel superhero movie universe — which is not a part of Marvel Studios' MCU — using the Parker's villains and allies. In October, fans will see the solo movie debut of VENOM, starring actor Tom Hardy in the title role as Eddie Brock. Also in development at Sony is SILVER & BLACK, featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat.

Now, Collider is reporting how Sony has found a writer for another Spidey-less Marvel movie for another one of his most popular villains, KRAVEN THE HUNTER.

"Hot off the success of The Equalizer 2, screenwriter Richard Wenk is being brought on to write a Kraven the Hunter movie for Sony Pictures, multiple sources [say]."

Although it is also being reported how a Kraven movie will depend on the success of VENOM.

"Quite frankly, the future of Kraven and other spinoffs will likely be determined by how Venom performs at the global box office."

It all really does depend on the success of VENOM this fall, however, Sony using these fantastic Spider-Man villains is a shame as fans most likely will never see them fighting against Peter Parker in the MCU.