TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES Review: Kid-Friendly Parody of the Superhero Genre

TEEN TITANS GO! first aired on Cartoon Network in 2013. After the successful run of the Teen Titans show on the same network from 2003-2006, there are often complaints that TEEN TITANS GO! is too silly since it is primarily aimed towards kids. If you have that mentality and dislike towards the show, this movie is probably not for you.

Before the actual movie, there is a short film about some of the powerful women of the DC Universe, particularly Batgirl and her desire to fight crime. It’s a fast-paced and silly short that doesn’t have any connection to the movie but was still fun to watch. 

TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES revolves around Robin’s desire to have his own superhero movie and the lengths he is willing to go to get it. The movie is very self-aware and addresses complaints that people have about the show. Throughout the movie, the Titans are mocked continuously and treated like a joke by other heroes in the DC Universe. 

TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES tries to please children and adults by sticking to the basics of the show while sprinkling in adult jokes and humor throughout. Jokes for the adults in the theater were stretched thin at times and the childish humor overtook the movie. There are a lot of over-extended scenes that contain several poop, fart, and butt jokes that had the kids laughing but kept the adults silent. It could be corny at times, but the characters and love put into the movie had a nice charm to it. 

The animation was just like its show on Cartoon Network, but that unfortunately didn’t work so well, especially during close-up shots. The animation didn’t have much detail and at times it looked very dull and awkward when it was blown up on the big screen. However, the movie did explore many different animation styles and wasn’t afraid to experiment with the characters and the world around them. 

If you are a superhero fan you will have a fun time spotting dozens of Easter eggs throughout the movie, some obvious and some hidden. The movie also takes a stab at the superhero genre as a whole and points out its flaws. The movie felt like a parody of the superhero genre, but unfortunately it often fell flat while falling into the same stereotypes it was making fun of. This resulted in a predictable plot and the movie felt like it could have been a lot shorter, especially if all the repetitive jokes were removed. 

Some of the scenes were very drawn out, but the fast-paced editing and animation combated this to help the movie move along. There was also a lot of original music that throughout the film that was always fun to watch. I could tell that the movie was made with a lot of love from the creators and they went all out with creating different styles and using different animation techniques throughout the movie. 

Overall, TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES was a fun movie to pass the time. You will love it if you are a fan of the TV show or a die-hard DC fan. If you aren’t, you may be a little overwhelmed with poop jokes, but you will be pleasantly surprised with the creativity, Easter Eggs, adult humor, and the passion that was put into the movie. 

Make sure to stick around for the mid-credits scene for something everyone in the theater will enjoy. There is a post-credits scene, but it is very short.

Written by James Philbrick