SDCC 2018 Panel Recap: Marvel TV Focuses on IRON FIST Season 2

Going into San Diego Comic-Con International, it was difficult to know what Marvel’s TV panel would be focusing on. They have a wide array of properties, from the Netflix series, to AGENTS OF SHIELD, to several animated cartoons. It would have been safe to assume the panel would focus on a number of these properties. Yet instead, it seemed as though the panel should have been billed as an IRON FIST Season 2 panel.

It’s a risky move. IRON FIST currently sits at a 37 out of 100 on Metacritic and is routinely talked about as the worst of the Netflix series. Thankfully showrunner Scott Buck – also responsible for Marvel TV’s other failures THE INHUMANS – will be replaced his season by Raven Metzner, providing a ray of hope for the second season. 

The panel brought out the cast and showed a few clips, only one of which is online right now. That one showcases Danny Rand reminding himself that it’s his job to protect New York, now that Daredevil is gone. The clip itself isn’t very interesting, just a street brawl between Rand and a few street thugs. The fight scenes this season will improved as well, as the show has brought on Black Panther stunt coordinator Clayton Barber. 

The other clips showed things like Danny and Colleen Wing teaming up against some bad guys. Misty Knight – from Luke Cage – will also be making several appearances this season. As Colleen Wing had appeared in Luke Cage season 2, it looks like the pair are well on their way to becoming the Daughters of the Dragon duo they’re known for in the comics. 

The more interesting reveals were Alice Eve as Typhoid Mary. She’s a character that hails from the Daredevil comics, oscillating between lover and villain for the masked vigilante. The clip showcased her fight with Colleen Wing and Misty Knight. She easily dispatches the pair, which means she’ll be more than enough for Iron Fist as well. 

We are also shown a flashback of Danny’s fight with Davos in K’un Lun where the two battled for the right to become the Immortal Iron Fist. Obviously, Danny won that fight, but it’s setting the stage for a larger conflict. The last clip shown at the panel showed Davos fighting random thugs and using a red fist to defeat them. In the comics Davos eventually becomes the villain known as the Steel Serpent, and it looks like that’s where season two plans on taking him as well. 

The second season is coming sooner than expected as well. Instead of getting DAREDEVIL Season 3 this fall, as was originally thought, IRON FIST Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on September 7.

Written by Peter Freeman