Funko Announces Cancellation of All Their Subscription Boxes Which Will All Be Moved to Retailer Exclusives

Funko has made a big announcement today... they will no longer be in the ship-to-home subscription box service anymore. This means their Marvel's Collector Corps box, DC's Legion of Collectors box, Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty box, and Disney's Treasures box are all CANCELED.

The last shipment for these boxes is coming within the next two months, depending on the bi-monthy shipping cycle of each box. If you've already paid ahead for a yearly membership, you will be refunded the difference for the boxes you will no longer be receiving. However, if say you're a Marvel Collector Corps subscriber currently and you still want the last box in April based on this summer's AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR movie, you'll need to log-in to your account and choose it in the member's exclusive section and check-out to receive it.

You can read the official cancelation notices sent via email to subscribers this morning for Marvel's Collector Corps and DC's Legion of Collectors here, and Smuggler's Bounty here. And you can read the official statement on the cancelation of the Disney's Treasures box, here.

It is sad and unfortunate these boxes are becoming an as-of-right-now-unknown retailer's exclusives — the retailers will be announced soon on Funko's Blog — especially since we here at were so very grateful to Funko for sending us press preview boxes to review.