Release Date Changes: Great News For DEADPOOL 2, Really Bad News For NEW MUTANTS and GAMBIT

Fox has moved some of its Marvel movie release dates around, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

First, the good news.

DEADPOOL 2 is moving up its release date two weeks and the sequel will now release on May 18 instead of June 1. This is said to be done in order to get a head start on Lucasfilm's next standalone movie SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, which releases on May 25. Ryan Reynolds also confirmed the new May 18 release date for DEADPOOL 2 on Twitter.

Now the bad news.

Fox's horror-infused NEW MUTANTS X-Men spin-off movie has been pushed back from its April 13 release all the way to February 22, 2019. Yes, that's a 10 month delay, folks. And according to TheWrap, it is reportedly due to subpar early screening tests and Fox wants the film to be more scary than it currently is. So expect lots of reshoots in the coming months because when a film is delayed 10 months, a lot of the film will be changed and updated.

Finally, the last piece of bad news is about Channing Tatum's GAMBIT X-Men spin-off movie. Director Gore Verbinski is now the third director to leave the movie project. Because of this, the film has been delayed (again) from February 14, 2019 to June 7, 2019. This does not bode well for this movie because the new release date is getting very close to when Disney's acquisition of Fox's assets could be completed. It might be wise for Fox to stop even trying to make this movie happen since Disney and Marvel Studios will most likely reboot the character altogether anyway when they bring him into the MCU.