For Some Reason Fox is Developing a KITTY PRYDE Movie Before the Disney Merger is Complete

Right before Christmas, Disney officially announced their acquisition and merger of Fox's movie, TV, franchise assets, plus more. Disney CEO Bob Iger publicly stated Fox's DEADPOOL franchise will continue as is, but no mention of any future plans for the X-MEN or FANTASTIC FOUR franchises. Many fans have since assumed that everything outside of Deadpool will be rebooted into the MCU in the coming years.

Many, including this guy, assumed Fox would halt development on future X-Men related movie projects that are not already in some form of production right now. But for some reason it seems like they are not.

Collider has word that DEADPOOL director Tim Miller is currently developing a solo X-Men spin-off movie starring Kitty Pryde. To clarify, this is not a Marvel Studios or Disney project in any way and is a Marvel movie by Fox before the merger and acquisition by Disney is complete. The website also states how even though this movie is in development, the Disney buyout could halt it entirely in the coming months.

Let me speak my mind about this for a moment... and no offense to Miller or the Kitty Pryde fans out there. With the Disney merger in progress and said to take approximately 12-18 months to be finalized, many Marvel fans aren't even that excited about Simon Kinberg's X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX movie that is in post-production for release this November. So why would anyone care about this KITTY PRYDE movie? Sure, Fox needs to be proactive in case the merger doesn't happen and is held during the finalization process but is anybody really excited for this spin-off right before Disney takes control of all-things X-Men? Especially when Marvel Studios is most likely rebooting all X-Men characters as they are brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so a Dark Phoenix, GAMBIT, and KITTY PRYDE movies are more-or-less irrelevant to anything outside of Fox trying to cash-in in the 11th hour before the deal with Disney is complete.

The only Fox franchise that truly matters right now is DEADPOOL 2, which opens on June 1 here in the U.S., since Iger said Disney will move forward with Deadpool as-is.

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder & Publisher