THE BATMAN May Not Begin Production Until 2018

THE BATMAN has already had its fair share of drama reports and right when it seems things are starting to calm down and level off, a report claims it may not start filming until 2018. Here's a tweet from one of Variety's reporters:

This sounds like a scheduling issue with director Matt Reeves so it is not as bad and it seems. Reeves is currently working on his next movie through June and he probably wants some downtime after its release to recharge his batteries. Especially before taking on what is sure to be a pressure-filled production for an eagerly anticipated and highly hyped solo Batman movie.

Of course fans want another Batman movie sooner than later, as do studio executives, but taking time to produce the best Batman movie possible needs to be the goal here. And if that take more time than originally planned — THE BATMAN was supposed to begin filming this spring/summer for a possible 2018 release — then so be it.

THE BATMAN is currently in development without an official date set.

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