Funko's Legion of Collectors DC Legacy Subscription Box Contents Revealed

***SPOILERS for Funko's Legion of Collectors January box.***

***You've been warned.***

Funko's latest Legion of Collectors DC Legacy subscription box has shipped and arrived! As always a big thanks to the great people over at Funko for sending an early press preview box over to!

The contents of this box are exclusive and only available in it which include: a Funko POP! Plastic Man figure, a POP Home Batman and Robin salt and pepper shakers, an Ace the Bat-Hound shirt (or you may get a Krypto shirt), an Aquaman variant cover comic book as well as a Green Arrow patch and a Swamp Thing pin.

See for yourself...

To sign up for the DC Legion of Collectors box, or for more info about it and its $25 per box fee, click here to visit its website. Funko's next DC box ships in January and will feature Superman!

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