AMC's Geeking Out: Jeph Loeb Confirms Progress on CLOAK & DAGGER TV Show

Back in April, it was confirmed by Marvel Television that CLOAK & DAGGER would be coming to Freeform, formerly ABC Family, but since then there's been no updates. Until tonight.

During tonight's new episode of Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg's TV show GEEKING OUT, on AMC, Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb was a guest and gave the guys a small scoop about CLOAK & DAGGER. Emphasizing the small scoop part, Loeb confirmed they have finally put pen to paper for the YA series.

Previously, when the show was first announced, Marvel put out the following info about the series:

"'Marvel's Cloak & Dagger' follows Tandy Bowen and Tyronne Johnson, two teenagers from very different backgrounds, who find themselves burdened by and awakened to newly acquired super powers while falling in love. Tandy can emit light daggers and Tyrone has the ability to engulf others in darkness. They quickly learn that they are better together than apart -- but their feelings for each other make their already complicated world even more challenging."

With the new Marvel show just now starting its writing process, there is still a lot of time before fans will see the hero duo on the small screen. Best guess would be not until a year from now.

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