Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Discloses Why it Took ANT-MAN so Long to Get Made

Marvel fans really don't need to hear about the whole Edgar Wright and Marvel Studios fallout story again because it's made way too many headlines over the past year. Google it if you still don't know what happened.

Wright had pretty much been developing ANT-MAN for a decade. He was first announced to be attached to the film at the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con which was Marvel Studios' first SDCC appearance. Today, studio head Kevin Feige set the record straight on why it took ANT-MAN so long to get made.

"Edgar [Wright] had done a draft, and then nothing happened for two or three or four years. Then he'd do another draft, and another two to three years would go by. It wasn't until two years ago, we said, 'Hey, let's make this movie.' 
"If the stars had aligned, we would have made it earlier.
"People said, 'You guys have been working together for 10 years; why did you only figure it out a couple of months before you started filming?' But that's really not true. We'd been working on it for about nine months, maybe a year at most."

So there you go... Wright was slow with his writing process otherwise ANT-MAN could have been made much sooner and quite possibly with Wright still in the director's chair too.

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