#TooSpoilery: Websites Should be More Courteous and Not Post Spoilers the Day of a Movie Release

Editorial: Shame on you Internet and shame on you websites.

Things are seriously out of control right now and there's absolutely no courtesy in online media when it comes to publishing spoiler posts. Of course you have to blame the fact that website companies are obsessed with web traffic and the revenue they make from it, but what's wrong with waiting to post spoiler articles until the Monday after a movie releases?

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON has been out overseas for over a week and last night it released in the United States. Today is Friday May 1 and the sequel's official theatrical U.S. release but there are way too many U.S. websites already posting Easter Egg articles, mid-credits scene spoilers and spoilery reviews. [Side note specifically regarding Marvel Studios: Their executives need to reconsider how they release their movies and try to release a film at the same time worldwide to prevent spoilers and early leaks since their films are so widely loved and adored.]

Obviously each website has the right to post whenever they want and whatever they want. But there is a huge lack of courtesy when it comes to giving moviegoers at least opening weekend to see it for themselves.

As of the past year-plus I've tried to make The Daily SuperHero a safe haven for spoiler-free posts — and if there are spoilers in a post I publish, I give you plenty of warning. Same goes for The Daily SuperHero's social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. In a perfect world, I wish more websites, online users, fans, moviegoers, etc. would be a bit more courteous to those who haven't had a chance to see it first. And I won't post anything spoilery about Age of Ultron until Monday.

Especially when all this stuff is being freely posted by large websites ON THE DAY IT OPENS. I hope your web traffic was worth potentially spoiling a fun and entertaining movie because you can't wait three days until Monday to hit the publish button.

I hope those who agree with this can share this editorial on social media in order to let websites know you don't appreciate this at all.