Actor Ryan Phillippe Says He is in Talks With Marvel For a Netflix Role; Could he be IRON FIST?

This morning actor Ryan Phillippe was on the Howard Stern Show and he disclosed that he is currently in talks with Marvel for a role in an upcoming Netflix series. He did not say which role or series, but immediately everyone should think he could be up for the role of Danny Rand, who is also known as the Living Weapon or as Iron Fist.

While this is speculation, Phillippe does have the look Marvel and Netflix might be looking for as Rand. Phillippe could also be in talks for a villain role since he did play a great antagonist in several movies but most notably in Cruel Intentions.

IRON FIST does not go into production until early 2016 and is projected to release sometime at the end of 2017 or early 2018. To read more about Iron Fist on Marvel's character page, click here.

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