DEADPOOL: Ryan Reynolds is Still Fighting For an R Rating During Filming - UPDATE

DEADPOOL is filming right now in Vancouver and while fans are still giddy about Ryan Reynolds' reveal of his Deadpool costume, one question has fallen a bit under-the-radar.

Prior to DEADPOOL being green lit by Fox, there was an ongoing debate of whether DEADPOOL should be an R rated movie or PG-13. Obviously, PG-13 is best for a much larger general audience but the Marvel anti-hero has been more of a mature rated comic book.

This is a similar debate that was seen long ago when fans were unhappy with Wolverine being more of a PG-13 character in the X-Men movie franchise. That argument dissipated and turned out more than okay because the general audience embraced Hugh Jackman's lesser violent version (compared to the comics) of Wolverine and it helped Jackman turn the role into the iconic movie character it is now.

It remains to be seen what rating DEADPOOL will receive but Reynolds confirmed on social media that he is still fighting for an R rating.

Once filming wraps and post-production and editing begins is when the final decision will be made.

UPDATE: Fox has confirmed to the website Comic Book Resources that DEADPOOL is indeed be rated R.

DEADPOOL releases on February 12, 2016.

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