Marvel's DAREDEVIL: Origin of the Red Suit Teased

The biggest reveal in Marvel's Daredevil has yet to be revealed. His iconic red costume. To those fans who have been wondering where the red Daredevil suit is in the promotional images and trailers need not worry... it's coming.

Executive producer and showrunner Steven DeKnight teased the red Daredevil suit to Empire Magazine.

"Without giving too much away, this show is Matt learning to be a hero. He starts in that first iteration of the Daredevil outfit which is taken very much from Frank Miller and The Man Without Fear [comic story arc]. But I always questioned [the red suit]. I mean... he's blind. Did he stitch it together himself? How did he manage all that? So, actually getting him to that point I thought was really interesting."

Costume designer Stephanie Maslansky also spoke to Empire about the evolution of the Daredevil suit in the new series and how the first black suit was pieced together using practical gear which could be found at any store right now. But his red suit has its own origin story.

"In the end, somebody else makes his Daredevil costume. What's really exciting is the evolution of it, and how he comes to have it made."

Sadly it seems like fans won't be getting the original yellow and red Daredevil suit. But there's always a chance at a joke about that color scheme that could be in play at some point in the series. Cue the possibility of an expected joke about Matt Murdock being blind, with regards to the yellow/red color scheme.

Finally, DeKnight has teased how brutal and violent Daredevil will be and a new video tease definitely shows this since actor Charlie Cox's Murdock is seen with battered knuckles, a broken lip and a forehead bruise. However, this doesn't seem to bother Murdock in the teaser as he gives fans a smirk which shows he's quite happy with his dual lifestyle choice. Check it out below.