NYCC 2014: Netflix & Marvel's DAREDEVIL Footage Descriptions of Scenes Shown During Marvel TV Panel

Marvel Television brought some footage to their New York Comic Con 2014 panel for the Netflix Original Series, Marvel's Daredevil. See the recap of all the footage shown below, via's live blog.

  • A woman slowly opens the door to an apartment [it's Karen Page], there's blood on the floor and the room is dark. She finds something in a vent. Someone sneaks up behind her and attacks her, slamming her into the wall and knocking her to the ground. And in comes Daredevil, in what looks like is likely an early makeshift costume - yeah, it's all black, straight up ninja lookng. Big fight scene commences, and both men go crashing through a window onto the rain-soaked pavement below.
  • A clip showing Claire [Temple, a.k.a. Night Nurse, officially confirmed to be played by Rosario Dawson] taking care of the injured Matt Murdock after pulling him off the street.
  • And then, a clip of Vanessa and Wilson Fisk meeting for the first time. She is a gallery worker and he's looking at a piece of art. There is very interesting cinematography. Close shots of Fisk's fingers twitching and his cuff link. It's a very soft, nuanced scene - not something we've seen a lot of in these types of movies and shows.
  • [Head of Marvel TV Jeph] Loeb then introduced a clip of the offices of Nelson and Murdock. Matt, Karen, and Foggy are sitting down for a dinner that Karen made them after they successfully got her off for a crime. "I did notice you could use some help around here," Page said, and was hired by the duo.
  • [Continuation of the scene from the first clip and clip description shown.] After hitting the pavement out the window, we see a child asleep at a table. It's young Matt. His dad says, "get up, mtt." He tries to get him studying more. The young Matt is already blind, and touches his dad's beaten and bloody face. "Come on, Matty, get to work." And we see the adult Matt in his makeshift costume get back up. He starts to fight the perp again, using sounds to get the advantage. Karen Page comes outside and says "Who? What the hell?"

And that's that! Lots of reported brutality and lots of blood in those fight scenes, too! Marvel's Daredevil will stream on Netflix in May 2015.