BATMAN V. SUPERMAN Producer Spills Secrets on Why They Wanted Batman Taller Than Superman

Actor Ben Affleck is approximately 6-foot-4-inches tall. Actor Henry Cavill is approximately 6-foot-1-inch tall. So it was a bit of a shock when Affleck was cast as Batman, opposite of Cavill's Superman, in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

You would have thought Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder wanted Batman just as tall as Superman but this wasn't the case. In fact, producer Charles Roven spills some secrets on why a tall Batman was wanted/needed.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Rovan reveals the following:

"We also wanted a guy with big stature. Ben is 6' 4". Henry [Cavill] is 6'1". We wanted Batman to tower over Superman. Not hugely, not like a basketball player. Superman needed to 'look up' to Batman. We wanted that dynamic, and Ben could do that, easily."

Rovan then spoke about why they went with an older Batman instead of one who was closer in age to Cavill's Superman.

"We knew that we wanted a very mature Batman, because we wanted to juxtapose him with this very young Superman. So we wanted a guy who was tougher, rugged, who had signs of life, who had lived a hard life, and we wanted the guy to have chops, for sure. So when we went down that list, there just weren't a tremendous number of guys who could carry that."

Batman v. Superman releases in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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