ANT-MAN: Michael Douglas Says Hank Pym Will Not Wear a Costume in the Movie

"Super heroes, what a goddamn joke." This is Dr. Hank Pym's stance on super heroes from the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International sizzle reel shown by Marvel Studios during their panel. 

Pym is obviously tired and worn out by super heroes in his fictional world, which is why Marvel's Ant-Man is a 'passing of the torch' movie. The older Pym is passing the Ant-Man mantle down to his new protege Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd). 

Actor Michael Douglas is portraying Pym but he will not be in any Ant-Man suit, as some fans had hoped he would be, after a prop of the original Ant-Man helmet was revealed at Marvel's Comic-Con booth (see image above).

"My costume will be hung up,” Douglas said via MTV, “and Paul will be wearing it in good form."

Even though Pym will not be suiting up, he will be actively involved in training / guiding Lang in the use of the Ant-Man suit. This was evident in the Comic-Con footage and Lang will need to perform a heist of some kind and to battle Pym's former protege Darren Cross. Cross, played by actor Corey Stoll, has acquired the shrinking technology for his own use and becomes the villain Yellow Jacket.

Ant-Man is set to release in theaters on July 17, 2015 and is currently filming in Atlanta.

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