BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: First CLARK KENT Sighting and DC Comics Diner Referenced - UPDATE

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice continues to film in the Greater Detroit Area and we've already seen a good amount of on location photos from fans of Superman and Bruce Wayne but we have not seen Batman or Clark Kent on set.

Now fans can cross Clark's name off the list.

UPDATE: Here's a hi-res image of Clark Kent on location.

Another report, via the Detroit Free Press, has also revealed a filming location at a local diner which had its signage changed out to read 'Ralli's Diner.' If you're not familiar with the diner it was in Superman Volume 2, Issue No. 9, published in 1987, and in this issue Lex Luthor goes to the diner and offers $1 million to waitress Jenny Hubbard to stay with him for one month. Whether this actually happens in Batman v. Superman remains to be seen but it's still a cool little Easter Egg for DC comic book fans.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice releases in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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