STAR WARS EPISODE VII Rumor: Actor John Boyega's Role Revealed?

Star Wars and moviegoer purists here's your SPOILER ALERT since some of this information about Star Wars Episode VII might be true. Although Disney and Lucasfilm have not confirmed it.

On the heels of their potential opening scene reveal yesterday, the folks at have released info about actor John Boyega's character in the new film. According to the website:

"As others have said, Boyega plays a storm trooper. A stormtrooper who basically deserts and teams up with Daisy Ridley's character.

"Before you ask: no, I don't know what this means for the state of the galaxy at the beginning of Episode VII. There are more details I've been told that actually make the state of the galaxy even more confusing to me; I'm hoping to hunt down more specifics in the weeks to come. But in case you're unsure about the information I've been sharing, know this: Boyega as stormtrooper is the single most confirmed piece of news I've ever written about in terms of sheer volume of independent sources who agree. All aspects of this Star Wars information has been vetted by multiple people, but the Boyega stuff has been repeated and confirmed to me by so many people now that it's almost comical."

Whether this piece of info, along with yesterday's reveal, are true or not remains to be seen. And sadly, fans at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International will reportedly not get any new Star Wars Episode VII reveals from Disney or Lucasfilm either. Unless they are planning to surprise fans or Disney might be holding those reveals back for their D23 convention in August.