Paul Rudd Says ANT-MAN Will Make You Feel Like You're on Another Planet

Marvel Studios loves to cast actors who are a bit outside of the box for a leading role. Starting with casting Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Iron Man, who wasn't at the top of the acting world at all at the time, then adding names like the unknown Chris Helmsworth as Thor and having the former Human Torch (Chris Evans) become Captain America.

This continued when Paul Rudd was hired to become Scott Lang / Ant-Man last year. More of a comedic actor throughout his career, Rudd has yet to step into the foray of being an action star. Until now. 

Rudd has discussed how he is friends with former Ant-Man director Edgar Wright and liked the idea of working with him. Obviously, Wright has departed but Rudd is still on board with new director Peyton Reed. It also helps when Marvel hired Rudd's other friend, screenwriter Adam McKay (Anchorman), to re-write the script over the last month or two.

The biggest draw for Rudd is the world that Ant-Man exists in and he spoke to about this.

“One of the things I always found really interesting with [Marvel] movies is that they coexist. You have Thor, who's up on some planet and you have Iron Man, who's here [on Earth] and there's so much to explore … in Ant-Man you're going to see parts of this world from a vantage point and a perspective that you never have before, and it makes you feel like you're on another planet. 
“I'm excited about, just visually, how strange [that perspective] might look.”

Rudd is gearing up for his leading role, alongside Academy Award winning actor Michael Douglas who is playing Lang's mentor Hank Pym, which will start filming in Atlanta on August 18. Ant-Man is set to release in theaters on July 17, 2015.